FREE Information Session – How To Start In Property Development

  • July 15, 2019
August 17, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm Australia/Brisbane Timezone
Colmslie Hotel
20 Junction Road
Property Developer Network (Brisbane)
FREE Information Session - How To Start In Property Development @ Colmslie Hotel | Brisbane | AU

Learn How To Make A Start In Property Development

Do any of these questions sound like you?

– Looking to invest in Property but not sure if Property Development is within reach?
– Not sure exactly what is involved in the Property Development Process?
– Concerned that you can’t even start as you have limited funds to start your journey?
– Tried to make a start but haven’t achieved success yet?
– Done other courses and been inspired to take action, but didn’t feel you had the skills or confidence to execute?
– Looking for someone to guide and support you along the way?

Come join us at this FREE special one off event on How To Start In Property Development!

Aimed at those who haven’t yet started on their journey, or perhaps started but stumbled, this special event will provide a detailed overview of what to expect on your Property Development journey, and demonstrate how it is within reach of all of us.


Rob Flux has over 32 years experience in property having purchased his first property at age 18, first investment at 21, and owned his first home outright at 24. Rob now spends much of his time giving back to others in order to achieve his personal goal of setting 1,000 people financially free by 2030.

Tony Meredith, himself a successful property developer has managed to quit the rat race in just 3 years, and now uses his time pursuing his passion as a Life & Business Coach.

Tony will motivate and inspire you to take action and keep you accountable on your journey, whilst Rob’s mentoring will keep you on track doing the things that need to be done to achieve success.


– How & why Property Development works faster than traditional Property Investing
– 5 ways to start with little to no money
– Why “Controlling” property is better than owning it
– Why most people don’t succeed
– The steps in the Property Development Process
– Learn techniques that will establish you on the path towards Property Development success
– Overview of Property Developer Network services & resources


Our usual Monthly Meetup is also on the same day, starting at 2:30pm so why not join both events and make a day of it!

For anyone attending the Information Session, you can then attend this Month’s Meetup for FREE! But, don’t forget to RSVP for the Meetup also via this link –

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Rob Flux

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